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This is my WHY…

It all started with a meltdown and it wasn’t my sweet new baby’s!

After years of struggling with infertility due to my rare uterine condition, I was overjoyed to hear those sweet words:

*cue the ugly tears*

In sheer disbelief, I cried non-stop for two days. They say to keep big news to yourself for a while, but my excitement was to much – I spilled the beans to everyone. 

Bursting with joy, I, a self-proclaimed planner (or maybe an over-planner, if that’s even a thing 🤣), immediately dove into researching all things pregnancy. Little did I know, my journey into motherhood would teach me

 Lesson #1: Nothing goes as planned.

And oh boy, the reality check hit hard. 

Sleep deprivation became my new best friend, and my once meticulously packed hospital bag turned into a source of anxiety as I frantically searched for my favorite pajama top – my only post-C-section comfort. 

Why did I pack so many unnecessary things..uh!

Home at last, just days before our scheduled newborn pictures, the dress I had carefully chosen decided to play hard to get.

Picture day arrived, and let’s just say, I underestimated the chaos. An emotional wreck, overwhelmed by the whole experience, I found myself sitting in the photography studio shedding tears. Ah, the wonders of hormones! 😅

Then, I single-handedly made a decision I regret to this day… 
I sat out of her pictures.

It was in that heartbreaking moment that I realized new moms, whether first-timers like me or seasoned pros, all grapple with the challenges of adjusting to our new or modified roles.

Surely, there had to be a better way to capture this crucial time without feeling like a total mess and opting to sit out. What if there was a studio where a mom could just show up, and a dedicated team would take care of everything? Imagine multiple dress options, a skilled team of hair and makeup artists, and a photographer who truly understood the journey.

 This is where Katrina Barrow Photography was born.

I’m Katrina


Welcome to my little corner of the world. I am Katrina Barrow, owner of Katrina Barrow Photography. In this little space, I share my favorite portraits from sessions, tips on motherhood, interiors, travel and more.  

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Studio newborn session / light and airy style / natural posing / siblings included / sleepy baby girl / modern blush and cream tones




Studio newborn session / light and airy style / natural posing / family included / awake baby boy / blue and white color palette